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Plumbing is undoubtedly one of the most vital and essential trades in modern society. Everything from clean and potable water to hot showers and even a modern toilet is thanks to the incredible work of trained plumbers. However, have you ever thought about the fascinating and quirky side of the plumbing industry in Australia that you don’t hear too much about? In this blog post, we will be diving deep into uncovering the fun facts about the plumbing industry in Australia that you probably never knew before.

1. Did You Know That the First Australian Plumber Was an Ex-Convict?

The first plumbing system in Australia was installed in 1796, and the first person to take responsibility for the installation of the ever-important pipes was none other than an ex-convict named James Wilson. Wilson was a plumber by trade from Glasgow, Scotland, who was convicted for stealing, what is believed by modern standards, a small amount of fabric. After serving time, he was one of the few convicts given the chance of a fresh start by the newly established Australian government.

2. Australia Has the Highest Standard of Plumbing Licensing

Did you know that Australia has the highest standard of plumbing regulation in the world? So strict is the licensing system that every plumber is required to meet exacting standards on the job and during their schooling. Every plumber is required to undergo a 4-year apprenticeship under a licensed plumber, and pass a rigorous examination that looks at everything from general paperwork to practical experience on the job. This makes the Australian plumbing industry stand out above others worldwide.

3. The Increasing Trend of Green Plumbing

The green plumbing trend in Australia is rapidly gaining steam, and it’s all about reducing the environmental impact of plumbing systems. Eco-friendly plumbing systems focus on using less water and energy in homes and businesses, thus cutting down on waste and utility expenses. The trend started in the early 2000s and has been gaining momentum incredibly fast. As a result, it’s not uncommon now to see plumbers proficient in installations of solar water heaters or replacing old systems with new ones that are much more efficient in terms of energy and water usage.

4. The Average Plumber On the Go Services More Than 16 Clients a Week

Ever wondered how busy it can get for plumbers on the go? According to research, the average Australian plumber does sixteen services, installations, or repairs per week. Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and often with very short notice, which is why reliable plumbers are always in high demand to attend on call-outs. It’s not only residential customers who make up plumbers’ clientele. Retail stores, office spaces, and commercial buildings are equally important customers as they require regular maintenance and inspection of their plumbing systems.

5. Ballarat – Australia’s First City to Have Piped-Connection Water Supply

Would you believe that Ballarat, located in Victoria, was the first city in Australia to have a piped connection water supply? It all started when the town was in need of a fresh water source, and fresh groundwater was located at the Yarrowee River, just five kilometers north-west of the town. From there, pipes were developed to connect the river to each individual building in the town, making it possible for them to have clean and fresh water delivered directly to them. This first-of-its-kind plumbing system set the industry standard for all future plumbing systems in Australia.

In conclusion, the plumbing industry in Australia has come a long way since James Wilson installed the first ever plumbing system in 1796. From the highest standard of plumbing licenses to eco-friendly plumbing systems that help reduce the environmental impact, the industry has so much to offer. The job of a plumber is demanding and challenging, and they make it possible for modern society to enjoy clean and safe water supply, a comfortable living space, and much more. Hopefully, this blog post provided you with insights on the fascinating and quirky side of the plumbing industry.

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