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Mandurah Plumbing and Gas boasts a proud partnership with Rheem Hot Water Systems, an industry pioneer with an illustrious history dating back to 1936. Rheem, which was initially a drum manufacturing enterprise in America, made an adventurous leap into the international sphere by establishing their first overseas venture in Melbourne, Australia.

Rheem commenced drum production in Australia in 1937, and not long after, in 1939, they introduced their first water heater, produced in the heart of Sydney – Waterloo. This year marked a turning point for the company, as BHP, an esteemed Australian mining company, bought a 50% stake in Rheem, providing the essential Australian steel for all Rheem’s manufacturing efforts.

Rheem’s journey in Australia is peppered with significant milestones. In 1973, BHP acquired the American shares in Rheem Australia Limited, marking the start of Rheem as an authentically Australian company. The company underwent a name change in 1988 when Southcorp Limited purchased Rheem, rebranding it as Southcorp Water Heaters. Finally, since 2001, Rheem Australia Pty Ltd has been under the control of Paloma Co Ltd, a global leader in water and space heating technology.

As an integral part of this historic journey, Mandurah Plumbing and Gas delivers premier services for Rheem Hot Water Systems across Australia. Leveraging the reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s hot water systems, Mandurah Plumbing and Gas is committed to providing prompt and professional plumbing services that meet the highest industry standards. Our team is fully trained and equipped to install, repair, and maintain Rheem hot water systems, ensuring that our customers enjoy uninterrupted hot water supply and optimal system performance.

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