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At Mandurah Plumbing and Gas, we place a significant emphasis on quality, efficiency, and sustainable solutions. Our commitment towards these principles is reflected in our choice of products and partners. This is why we are immensely proud to service and install Caroma products – the leading name in sustainable and innovative bathroom solutions.

Caroma: A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

Caroma is an organisation that has successfully combined functional design with water-saving technology. Their impressive history of firsts, such as the world’s first one-piece plastic toilet cistern and the first dual flush toilet, exemplify their devotion to innovation and environmental consciousness. At Mandurah Plumbing and Gas, we mirror these values, making us a perfect fit for servicing and installing their products.

Bringing Caroma’s Award-Winning Technology to Your Bathroom

Caroma’s Smartflush┬« technology and Cleanflush┬« technology range, which have been recognised with the Australian International Design Award and the Good Design Award, are just a few of the exceptional products we service and install. These solutions are designed to reduce water consumption, proving to be both cost-effective and eco-friendly options for our clients.

Committed to Water Conservation

Just like Caroma, we at Mandurah Plumbing and Gas understand the paramount importance of water conservation. Australia is home to diverse ecosystems that heavily rely on water, and we are committed to preserving these vital resources for future generations. By choosing Caroma products through Mandurah Plumbing and Gas, you can be part of this important mission.

Join The Revolution

We invite you to join us and Caroma in our journey towards sustainable living. Contact us today for servicing, installation, or inquiries about Caroma’s wide range of products. At Mandurah Plumbing and Gas, we are devoted to providing you with high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for your bathroom needs.

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